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with Ricardo



Have you been diagnosed with any serious illness? 

They told you that there is no treatment and that there is no way?

Then I offer you the opportunity and the possibility to seek health. Starting right where you are right now.

I offer you, with humility and honor, guidance so that you can change your diet and start eating living foods. And accompaniment to the processes that you will find on the path of regeneration of your body, your mind and your LIFE!

1h15m via zoom -  $75

Health consultation + Iridology - $100

Lymphatic Iridology

This science helps us to know how our body's organ and gland tissues are at this exact moment in our life, and what we received genetically from our parents and ancestors.

The reading of the iris allows us to understand the symptoms and pains that we have and carry in the body. Pains that we sometimes have carried for many years yet we don't know what they are. 


Only by knowing what it is can we begin to reverse and live a life without pain.


Lymphatic Iridology is a good starting point to start a detoxification.

Iris Reading -  $55

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