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Un proyecto de regeneración de la tierra y del cuerpo humano, con abundancia de árboles frutales y plantas medicinales.

Un templo para la práctica del yoga y ceremonias con plantas maestras.

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Our farm is located in Playa Hermosa de Uvita in Costa Rica (South Pacific), a 20-minute walk from the sea. We are next to a biological reserve and close to several unique national parks. It is an area of very lush nature, with abundant rivers and waterfalls. The environment invites us to live in a simple and relaxed way, and offers us the possibility of surfing, hiking and other activities.

Our main focus is to grow our own food in an organic and natural way. We select the seeds of the best fruits that we eat and take care of the trees from their germination. We already have a large number of fruit trees planted (both common and exotic), as well as an orchard with vegetables and medicinal and edible plants. 

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We offer yoga classes based on the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa, and adapted to each person. 

Our classes are an invitation to connect with our breath, stretch and strengthen our body, and calm our mind. Yoga is a great physical, mental and spiritual tool, and it brings us many benefits: cleanliness, calmness, balance and well-being, among others.

Classes are open to practitioners of all levels. They can be both individual and in groups, and online as well as in person at our center. 

with Ricardo



If you feel that you need guidance in relation to your physical, mental or emotional health, schedule a session, and together we will understand what is happening right now in your body and in your life.

Through lymphatic iridology we can know the state of your body internally and I can accompany you to cleanse and regenerate your body through a living and natural diet. 

My teachings come from Dr Robert Morse and his school "The international school of the healing arts and sciences".

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