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Ricardo Caichjian, 39

Born in Santos, Brazil.

After some years living frugivorism, a diet based on raw fruits and herbs, practicing ashtanga yoga and learning how to open my body and give space to my organs and cells, the time has come to bring this gem to the entire planet. Now I understand a little better about the power of the food that nature gives us, and how powerful this is for the life of our species. I understand from my experience that bringing the consciousness and vibration of nature to our bodies changes all our life and brings us into balance with our natural state. I want human beings in this planet to know that there is the path of regeneration of the entire human body, that there is the path of love and light. I want to inform and show that this is possible and simple.

And we can start right now! 

I bring the teachings of my teachers for all who are open to receive them so that we all learn how to cleanse and regenerate our bodies and our lives. 

Getting out of pain is the miracle I live every day, and this is possible for EVERYONE!

Founder of Espacio Vida Pura

Course guide and Yoga Teacher at Espacio Vida Pura.

Ashtanga Yoga practitioner, trained by teacher David Swenson.


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